Semi-Automatic Blowing Machine

Pure Quality Drinking Water


  • Production Speed : 1000 to 1200 BPH
  • Capacity : 50 ml to 2000 ml
  • Hydro pneumatic locking system.
  • Heating Unit – Blowing Unit
  • Heating zone adjustable as per the size of preforms
  • Integrated water loading sysem in blow m/c is also given for better result
  • Weight : 1500 Kg (Including Heater)
  • Dimensions : L-7 ft X W-2.6 ft X H-12 ft
  • Power Consumption as per capacity


Machine Range 2 Cavity Auto Drop M/c. 4 Cavity 1ltr. Auto Drop M/c. 1C2B
Max. Volume Of Product 200ml. - 2ltr. 250ml. - ltr. 250ml. - ltr.
Product Capacity (out-put) 1200hr. 1600hr. 2400hr.
Neck Size 19 - 28 19 - 28 19 - 28
Operation Hydro Pne. Hydro Pne. Hydro Pne.
Travelling Stroke 200mm 175mm 175mm
Streching Stroke 400mm 450mm 450mm
Mould Cavity 2Nos. 2Nos. 2Nos.
Max. Air 25kg cm 30kg cm 30kg cm
Working Pressure 7-8.5Kg cm 7-8.5Kg cm 7-8.5Kg cm
Mould Centre 145 to 180mm 120mm fixed 120mm fixed
Power Required 12kg watt 14kg watt 14kg watt
Oven Infra-red Infra-red Infra-red