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Pure Quality Drinking Water
Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturers in Pune

Package Drinking Water Plant:

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturers in Pune

System Operating Data:

No of stream one
Mode of operation Semi Auto
Feed Flow rate 12000 LPH
Permeate flow rate 6000 LPH
Concentrate flow rate 6000 LPH

Source of water:Bore well/well/other

Suspended Solids: Nil           Turbidity: less than 1.0 ntu           PH: 8.5

Treated Water Quality:

The approximate treated water quality is as follows however it depends on raw water quality consider for design of system.

Suspended solids Nil
Turbidity Nil
PH 7 to 8
Total Dissolved solids less than 100 ppm
Total Hardness 100 ppm as CaCo3
Bacteria Colliform Nil
Iron as Fe Nil
Organic material Nil
Fluoride less than 0.01 ppm
Sodium less than 20 ppm

The above treated water quality is approximate assumptions, we can change property mineral/iron in treated water by reducing and editing the mixing water quality in RO treated water.

Technical Specification:

Chlorine Dosing

Type Dosing type
Rate of dosing 1 to 2 ppm.
Residual 0.1 ppm.
Type of chlorine Liquid.
Nos. offered 1 No.
Capacity 10 Lph
Make of pumps Filtra, metering/Eq…
Power Requirement Single phase 240 V

Raw Water Feeding Pump

Type Centrifugal
Max. Flow 12.0 m3/hr
Working flow 12.0 m3 /hr
Working pressure 2.0 kg/cm2
Max. Pressure 3.0 Kg/Cm2
Make Crompton / Kirloskar
Nos. Offered One No. 3

Multi Grade Sand Filter

Type Down Flow Graded Sand Type
Model 600 mm X 1500 mm
M.O.C. S.S.304
Pipe Line Size 40 mm OD
Sand Qty. 500 Kg.
Valves MPV.
Max. Flow 12.00 m3/hr
Working Flow 12.00 M3/hr

Activated Carbon Filter

Type Down Flow Graded Sand Type
Model 600 mm X 1500 mm
M.O.C. S.S.304
Pipe Line Size 40 mm OD
Valves MPV
Max. Flow 12.00 m3/hr
Working Flow 12.00 M3/hr

Antiscalant and De-Chlorination system

Nos. offered 2 No.
Dosing chemicals Anti Scalant (Permacare 191).
Rate of Dosing 2 to 3 ppm
Daily Consumption 7 to 10 gms/hr
Type of Dosing Pump Electronic diaphragm Pump
Maximum Dosing Capacity 10 lph.
Dosing Tank 100 Ltr H.D.P.E.
Make of pumps Filtra, metering/E Dose

Micron Cartridge Filter

Micron Rating 5 Micron
Type of Candle P.P. Spun
Material of Housing S.S. 304
Nos. of Candles 1 Set
Max. Flow 12 m3/hr
Working Flow 12.00 M3/hr

High Pressure Pump

Type Centrifugal Multistage
M.O.C S.S. 304
Max. Pressure 12 Kgs/cm2
Working Pressure 10 Kgs/cm2
Max. Flow 1 2 m3/hr
Make Nanfnag / Sumo. Eq.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

Model 8040 brackish water
Type TFC Spiral Wound
Material Polyamide
Size 8” Dia X 40” Long
Make GE /Hydronatics / Equi
Nos. Offered 6 No.

Pressure Vessels

M.O.C S.S. 304
Type Horizontal Tube Type
Max. Pressure 600 psi.
Working Pressure 400 psi.
Nos. Offered 1 Set

Fine Polishing Filtration System

Size 20” / 30 “Long
Micron Rating T 0.2, .45 Micron
Type of Candle Pleated
Make Of Cartridge PTI/Eq….
Material Of Housing S.S. 304
Nos. of Candles 5 Any...
Max. Flow : 12 m3/hr
Working Flow 6m3/hr
Nos of Housing 2 Nos

UV disinfection System

Type Fluorescent Tube
Working Flow 6,000 Lph.
Max. Flow 6,000 Lph.
Design Flow 6,000 Lph.
Material SS 316
Radiation Frequency 54 Nanometers

Ozone Generating System

Type Corona Tube Type
Capacity 2 to 5 gm/hr
Ozone Dose 1.5 to 2 ppm
Make Aqua zone/equivalent
Oxygen Generator 1 No

Ozone Reaction Tank

Type Cylindrical
M.O.C S.S. 304
Holding Capacity 3000 Ltrs
Nos Offered One no

Ozone Circulating Pump

Type Centrifugal Multistage
Power 0.75 Hp
Max. Flow 7,000 Lph
Working Flow 6,000 Lph
M.O.C. SS 304
Working Pressure 1.0 Kg

Treated Water Transfer Pump

Type Cylindrical
Power 1.5 HP
Working Flow 6,000 Lph
M.O.C. SS 304
Working Pressure 2.0 Kg/Cm2
Nos offered One no

Our best techno-commercial offer is constructed as follow :

• Process of the system and design
• Scope of supply with technical specifications and scope of exclusion
• Price with commercial terms and conditions
• Document list (If any)

2 Cavity Semi-Automatic PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine:

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturers in Pune


  • No.of cavity : 2
  • Blowing Capacity of machine
    • For bottle
    • 200mL/300mL – 1300bph
    • 500mL –1200bph
    • 1000mL -1200bph
    • 2000ml – 800bph
  • Sturdy construction of machine along with frame structure.
    • (50mm ms square pipe for frame structure)
  • We are providing Heavy Tie Bars and Mould Plate
  • Our machine has Hydro pneumaticclamping system which avoid parting line and work with low vibration level.
  • Machine speed controlling at all operational stages of machine.
  • Heating banks comprising of 8 heating zone.
  • Heater temp. increment accuracy with 1%
  • Easy positioning of heaters (Up-Down and Forward-Backward adjustable).
  • Our machine is designed in such a way that optimum heating can be achievable with lower power consumption.
  • Sufficient time for thermal stability before it enters to blow mould.
  • With lowest blowing air, due to reduced Dead Volume.
  • Accurate & defined preform pitch in oven for better heating efficiency.
  • With neck protection for preform by using chilled water No neck deformation.
  • Machine can handle thinnest necks too.


Machine Range 2 Cavity Auto Drop M/c. 4 Cavity 1ltr. Auto Drop M/c. 1C2B
Max. Volume Of Product 200ml. - 2ltr. 250ml. - ltr. 250ml. - ltr.
Product Capacity (out-put) 1200hr. 1600hr. 2400hr.
Neck Size 19 - 28 19 - 28 19 - 28
Operation Hydro Pne. Hydro Pne. Hydro Pne.
Travelling Stroke 200mm 175mm 175mm
Streching Stroke 400mm 450mm 450mm
Mould Cavity 2Nos. 2Nos. 2Nos.
Max. Air 25kg cm 30kg cm 30kg cm
Working Pressure 7-8.5Kg cm 7-8.5Kg cm 7-8.5Kg cm
Mould Centre 145 to 180mm 120mm fixed 120mm fixed
Power Required 12kg watt 14kg watt 14kg watt
Oven Infra-red Infra-red Infra-red

Resin Fililing Capping Machine:

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturers in Pune


  • Mechanical gravity automatic rinsing-filling-capping unit.
  • Provision to attach fully automatic pet blow machine as per requirement
  • Machine is for PET bottles, used for water filling.
  • Air conveyor for infeed bottles.
  • Out feed slat belt conveyor with Inspection table and shrink tunnel.
  • Bottle runs with neck holding-with no need for monoblock height adjustment.
  • Machine construct with stainless steel (grade 304)
  • Provision of Central tank, with water feeding form the top of the rotating manifold.
  • Reliable, simple and easily sanitized valve.
  • Cap elevator sorting type hopper with pick-N-Place arrangement for lifting the Cap and positively placing on bottle mouth.
  • Provision to attach fully automatic pet blow machine as per requirement


Machine Model SSP-24 SSP-30 SSP-40 SSP-60 SSP-90 SSP-120 SSP-150 SSP-200
No. of Heads 4-4-2 6-6-3 8-8-3 10-10-5 14-14-6 20-20-8 24-24-10 32-32-10
Production 1500 BPH 1800 BPH 2400 BPH 3600 BPH 5400 BPH 7200 BPH 9000 BPH 12000 BPH

Labelling Machine:

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturers in Pune


  • Fully automatic Rotary machine for 200 ml – 2000 ml bottles.
  • Output 60 BPM / 90-110 BPM / 120BPM
  • Vacuum drum is synchronised with platform rotation, driven by servo motor.
  • Adjustable unit as per bottle size.
  • the machine frame is covered by stainless steel sheet, anti-vibration and noise absorbing construction.
  • Rotary machine design, the bottle turret by servo motor.
  • Machine control by advance PLC unit.
  • labelling cutter can exchange very easily.
  • Cutter is easy adjustment and replacement, cutting at any speed with precision.

Shrink Wrapping Machine:

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturers in Pune


Babar Industries manufactures wide range of shrink tunnel to shrink wrap the various sizes of products.


12 or 24 Bottles Bundle, Group Packing.


Speed 24- 90 bpm
M.O.C S.S. 304
Conveyor 12 ft.
Motor Gear box REMI
Change chart size 300,500 &1000 ml
All Drive Motor REMI Make
Electrical supply A.C. 440V/3HP/50C


  • Automation – No Bottle – No Label – No Glue – No Label Roll – No SERVO
  • Inbuilt Glue pump with separate control panel
  • Speed control by rotary pot.
  • Auto emergency stop for bottle jam.
  • Vacuum pump turbine type.
  • Control auto and manual.