Demineralized Water Plant Manufacturers in Pune

Demineralized Water Plant Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers in Pune, India

Over a decade of experience in the industry, Babar Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the leading demineralized water plant manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We have highly qualified professionals who understand the requirements and needs of the water and provide demineralized water plants in large amounts to the manufacturing units and other commercial buildings. Our plants are designed with mixed bed ion exchangers that supply extremely top quality and pure water.

For clean, mineral-free and pure water, you can visit or contact our most trusted demineralized water plant manufacturers and suppliers in Pune. We manufacture a wide variety of DM plants that are suitable for different industrial applications. The topmost advantages of these plants are required minimal maintenance and installation costs. We provide warranty and long-lasting services guaranteed plants to our esteemed clients.

What Is The Use Of a Demineralized Water Plant?

With the help of the ion exchange process, demineralization is done for the removal of the mineral ions or chorine, salts from the water and supply pure, clean water. Such mineral ions include chloride, nitrates, calcium, sodium, iron, sulphate, etc. Its processes consist of distillation, deionization, membrane filtration, and other methods.

Features and Benefits of Demineralized Water Plant in Pune:

  • Lifelong services guarantee
  • Durability and portability
  • Easy to install and use
  • User-friendly and environment friendly
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Equipped with different components

Applications of Demineralized Water Plants in Pune:

Oil & Gas Industry, Textile, Pharmaceutical Sectors, Industrial DM Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Boiled Feed Water, Automatic Parts, Metal Finishing, Hotels, Hospitals, Food & Beverages, Laboratory, Breweries Etc.

Demineralized Water Plant Manufacturers in Pune

De Mineralized - DM Water Plant Specifications

Description Features
Flow Rate Up to 10,000 LPH or more
Vessel FRP / MS / MSRL / SS
Capacity Customized design and capacity to your requirements
Operation Manual or Fully and semi-automatic
Input / Output Water Input TDS < 50 ppm, Output TDS / Conductivity 0 - 5
Feed Water Higher feed water TDS and hardness tolerance