Fully-Automatic Blowing Machine

Pure Quality Drinking Water


  • Centralized Control Pneumatic System with Display output.
  • Automatic Discharge conveyor for Bottle transfer from blowing machine to filler which avoidmanual Intervention.
  • Sturdy construction of machine along with frame structure. (6mm thickness 50mm X 50mm ms square pipe for frame structure)
  • We are providing anti-vibrating cushioning pads for machine base.
  • We are providing Heavy Tie Bars and Mould Plate. All indexing cylinders are guided with external guide 13) rod(s), so that breaking / bending of cylinder rod is not observed.
  • Our machine has Proportional Hydraulic Clamping system to increase moulding Clamping / Opening speed with low vibration level.
  • We are providing hydraulic locking system which avoid parting line at blown bottles.
  • Specially design of loading and unloading arms for Pneumatic robots.
  • Machine speed controlling at all operational stages of machine.
  • We are providing non Contact Linear Potentiometer with Stretching, as blowing operations become position based, rather than Time Delay based.
  • Provision of mould cage & cavity system.
  • Accurate & defined preform pitch in oven for better heating efficiency.
  • With dual neck protection for preform by using chilled water & air. No neck deformation.
  • Neck holder of SS304
  • Machine can handle thinnest necks too.
  • Graphical user interface using PLC OMRON.
  • Heater Temperature Increment accuracy 0.1%
  • Interactive User Interface showing Cycle Status and Error Messages. Log of error messages maintained.
  • Chilled water supply & return lines equipped with insulated material to avoid falling of water droplets on mold base & body.
  • Chilled water supply & return line for mold cooling of accurate design so that better cooling of blown bottles Machine with Servo motors for Stretching.
  • No preform No blow.
  • Sensor logic interlock with PLC at preform conveyor.
  • Indexing -pneumatic, loading -Pneumatic.
  • Servo motors make( Panasonic/Omron).
  • Machine with Operator & machine safety interlocks.
  • Enough size/volume preform storage at hopper with cover.
  • Preform pusher at mandrel.
  • Yuken make hydraulic components.
  • Festo make pneumatic components.
  • With MCB/MPCB for heaters, motors.
  • Siemens make of SMPS..
  • Sick make of limit & proximity switches.
  • Siemens make switchgears.
  • With ELCB for incoming supply.
  • With overload protection.
  • With machine running hour meter & bottle counter.
  • Main panel with cooling system to control inside temperature.
  • With FRL fitted with gauges for preblowing & blowing air.
  • Centralized Lubrication for all moving parts.


Machine Model Blowing Cavities Max Size (L) Max Output (Hour)
SSPI/2/1000 2 1000 2800-3000
SSPI/4/1000 4 1000 4600
SSPI/6/1000 6 1000 7200